The GIS-register is a public service, where you can get to know the GIS-data gathered and maintained by the municipality of Kokkola.
From the service you can find the price and the terms of delivery of the data. With these you can order the GIS-data.


National Geographic Information Strategy 2005-2010 (pdf 1.2Mb)
JHS 158 -recommendation (finnish)
ISO 19115 -standard


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Why doesn't the service work in my web browser?

The web pages is tested and works with Internet Explorer 6.0, Firefox 1.5 and Opera 9.0. If the web pages doesn't seem to work, try to update your web browser.

Why does the GIS-data cost?

The use of the GIS-data has often a fee. The fee is according to a price list and it respond to the expenses from the maintenance and delivery.

To whom should I ask questions about the GIS-data?

Every GIS-material have a named person responsible for the maintenance. Questions that are not about the order should be asked directly to the person responsible for the data. The contact information can be found in the descriptions under the caption: "Ylläpidosta vastaava henkilö tai organisaatio".